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#BringBackGentle is an initiative by DOY to help mothers everywhere rediscover their gentle and beautiful selves. We understand that being a MOM is not an easy job, but it is the most important one. Your little one is watching everything you do and say, and has begun to reflect your behaviour.

Let them reflect the best of you. Let them reflect the GENTLE you!

What's Your GQ?

Hey moms, take our GQ (Gentle Quotient) Quiz and find out where you stand on the Gentle scale! Answer all 10 questions to receive your score.


                      These moms have vowed to #BringBackGentle by making small changes in their everyday lives.
What about you?

I love you
- Ponmani
Its Superb...... soap
I always try to keep gentle with children .if they does any thing wrong I try to explain it. Aradhna mishra.
- Anirudh mishra
Hi suparb shop...
- Priya Savaliya
I love my mom
- Dhakshayani
I will give everything she wants
- Bijal sanghvi
I vow not to show even faces to my dearest Angel even when things go weird.. I love her more than My life as she was a heal for my wound..
- Aarthi Dhinesh
I will not let my son stay hungry even for a moment. #beingmumma
- Pranita Sohony
take things in practically and enjoy every moment of life
- Reema
I always want to be gentle and loving, caring mumma towards my child
I will never go to sleep without kissing my little angel, however angry I may be.
- Rania
I Vow to be more gentle not only with my kids but with all around me.
- geena
#BringBackGentle I vow to be more patient with my daughter\'s and be more attentive to their perspective and desires :)
- Noopur Agarwal
I will become child with my child and become friends so that we share everything
- Tejasvini Chatterjee
I will try not to yell at my kids even if I m tired or frustrated. Will give quality time to my kids rather than quantity of time
- Vanshica S. Khanna
I will not raise my voice at my children.
- Sara
I vow to clean up my act and be the best role model my daughter can look up to.
- Sheena
I want to be the best role model for my children, at all times.
- Sonia B
It’s okay not to be in control sometimes. I’m going to try and be more positive and calm even when things are not going fine.
- Meet K
I’m going to try not to let the small things affect me. As long as I raise loving and good children, I am okay.
- Komal Dedhia
I realized that my daughter is picking up every little thing that I say or do. I always try to make sure that I behave exactly the way I want her to behave with others.
- Rachna Iyer
I think it’s really important to just step back and take a deep breath before reacting to situations.
- Natasha D’Souza
I vow to give myself a break sometimes so that I can be at my best when I am with my kids.
- Kiara D
I will not snap at the kids even when they ask me where their school-bag is for the 10th time in a row.
- Reena S
I’ll try not to yell the next time my little one accidentally spills something on my sofa cover.
- Surbhi Grover
Next time I want to scream out loud, I will take a deep breath and relax instead.
- Shaili C

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I will be very nice and I will listen to them

I am a little child. I like doysoap very much

I never misbehave with my child but by mistake it happens then I regret it by myself.

I feel that no one cares about me and my feelings. I have to do everything for everyone and no one asks about me.

Sometimes I take out my anger on my child by shouting at him but after some time I realise that what is his fault ,he is kid he can do a certain mistakes ,and its not that big to scold him

No time for our own personal tasks (reading, music, parlour, painting). Cleaning home after every hour.

Why does my maid always have an excuse for coming 2 hours late?!!

I’m always getting advice from family and friends on how to raise my own children. I wish I could tell them to just back off sometimes. Even though I appreciate their advice, I know what’s best for my kids.

It’s so irritating when my mother-in-law comes over and tells me how to run my house! Seriously annoying!

I’m always taking care of everyone around me! I wish people asked me how I was feeling, for a change.

I’m really happy that I went back to work a year after my delivery. I still spend a lot of quality time with my baby and have a job that I love.

No one ever listens to Mummy!!